Elite Tapp

Elite Tapp

Elite Tapp allows users to share social media platforms, phone numbers, and business websites without any contact using NFC technology. This is a timely needed application that greatly reduces the risks of contact in these pandemic times. As the NFC tags contain all the information that the clients need to contact the business or any other contact person, it enables contactless communication effectively and efficiently.

Main features of the application can be stated as follow.

  • Sharing information through NFC tag scan
  • Simple and user-friendly UI for easier usage
  • Manage contacts and interactions
  • User discovery feeds to keep others in touch

This project includes an integrated IoT aspect as this uses NFC tags directly to store and retrieve user details and other information. It makes the application unique in its own way, enabling next-level business dealings and communication.

During your partnership with this team, you are gonna experience two things. First, an extreme amount of expertise, whether you build a website or an application. This team has the knowledge to help you build that from start to finish. Second, you are gonna get overall business support as well. As a USA-based startup, we had a lot of hurdles getting our company off the ground. But with their expertise, we were able to ascend to new heights.

Solomon Thompson - CEO, Elite Social Network
Solomon Thompson
CEO, Elite Social Network