Grocery App

Grocery App

Service for buying, selling, and delivery of grocery items from supplier to consumer, without any fancy and long processes, enabling a hassle-free shopping experience. It ensures the quick delivery of the goods to the consumer with minimum delay and waiting time. This is mainly because of the 3 applications; the Admin app, the Driver app, and the User app, all being developed for the full functionality of the application. It ensures that the interactions between each app use similar logic in order to regulate the flow of the process.

Functionality of each of the app is as follows.

  • Admin app: Enables the owners to monitor the orders, manage items and listings, and select the drivers for the delivery
  • Driver app: Enables the tracking functions of the orders and managing delivery functions
  • User app: Enables checking lists, putting orders and cart functions, and tracking the progress of the delivery

We are a small company with an informal culture where everybody has to be a self-starter. The team at Syeta Labs fits well into this environment; the team members are motivated, highly skilled, and take initiative to get the job done.

George Smith - Product Owner
George Smith
Product Owner