Restoo brings a timely solution to the table of restaurants, bars, and lounges. It enables a fully monitored process of food and drinks serving from the kitchen to the customer table. The customer can directly communicate with the restaurant without any physical contact, and order their foods from a variety of choices available. The kitchen processes the request and readies the order, and the waiter delivers the food to the customers without any delay or additional hassle.

The Restoo system contains the following 3 integrated apps.

  • Customer app: Check-in & checkout at the table, booking a table, ordering food, and checking the progress
  • Waiter app: Alerting about readied orders, processing the food servings
  • Kitchen app: Taking in orders, processing orders, adding/removing food items and status, Alerting waiter of readied foods

This app mainly acts as a template for different kinds of customers and is then developed according to the specific requirements of the client's restaurant, bar or lounge accordingly.

Together with Syeta Labs, we are providing different solutions for different kinds of clients. For this, we analyze different kinds of problems of the clients and bring about a perfect solution in an agile and streamlined process. Restoo is a project that is developed in this way, and I really enjoy working together with the Syeta Labs team as they are very friendly, supportive, and provide the best technical advice as well.

Baransal Ay - Founder, Restoo
Baransal Ay
Founder, Restoo