SC Certification

SC Certification

Fully automated supply chain certificate provider, mainly for Textile Exchange, acting as a bridge between the certificate requestor and the provider. It mainly provides a common platform for the certificate requestor clients to monitor the progress of their process of certification, as well as for the certifiers, auditors, and other officials to view the progress and monitor the certification processes of different clients with ease.

Following are the main features of the application.

  • Download documented versions of the applications, contracts, certifications, etc
  • Track the progress of the certification process with details
  • Convenient flow for the client; from applying for certification to obtaining a transaction certificate
  • Detailed monitoring and auditing facilities for clean globe officials

I think the key to the success of our collaboration is transparency and effective communication. We have complete visibility of the performance of the team and we can communicate with the development team leaders as with any other company employee. That gives us a lot of flexibility and it builds trust.

Mahesh Nabadawewa
Director, Clean Globe